Hey guys i know i said I would be at the party but there was a scheduling conflict. I will only be at the party for the 1st 10 minutes of it. If Brandos12 wants to fill in for me playing red electric guitar then go ahead. Minty 270 is getting super smash bros brawl for his wii today and i also have tennis that i get picked up for at 2:15 PST (4:15 central time where I live)


We’re not inactive

Hey admins to this site, I got a question for you. Can you start making allot more posts? Thats so people don’t think we’re inactive and people will start to host parties and ask us to play at them. You can pretty much post whatever about club penguin or like the presidential election or something.


We have a concert!
March 9
2:00 PM PST
Server Snow Cone
In the night club
Also all band members if you can be there PLEASE show up!

Probably a concert

Well Brandos12 commented here today, asking if we could play at the party.
The site who is hosting the party is
Band members if you can make this please say so

… i probably wont update this site much… im not that great with computers… 😦

Yay! All 4 band members are administrators!

Well when puffin guy told me his email, I added him as an admin and Puffin Guy, can you please make a post, and update the “members” page and write a little about urself? Thanks~
I think that since in real life rockstars and big bands are more of nomads because they travel all over the world and never really stop, we should be like them. So lets not have a server. Just if you schedule a practice or something, make it so its not a server none of us can get on.
But then again, we still should have colors! Remember, its YOUR color and no one else will wear it during concerts, just to make us look more unique.

It’s your individual color guys

Maybe some of you misunderstood. That’s okay, but I am going to set it straight now.
When I said choose a color, that meant to pick a color YOU will wear and you only during concerts. I think we should have a server all of us can go on (Because where a member might see a server as 3 faces, a non-member might see it as full) so it should not be something like Deep Freeze, Blizzard, or Mammoth.
What do you think?